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【williamhill官网“龙马经济学双周学术论坛”】2021年春季学期第五讲:Rossella Calvi

[发表时间]:2021-07-12 [浏览次数]:

讲座主题:Intra-household inequality and individual poverty

授课讲师:Rossella Calvi,美国莱斯大学(Rice University)助理教授




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嘉宾简介:Rossella Calvi,美国莱斯大学(Rice University)助理教授,2016年毕业于美国波士顿学院(Boston College),获得经济学博士学位。现任经济与政策研究中心(Center for Economic and Policy Research)、莱斯大学不平等和社会公平研究中心(Rice University Collective for Research on Inequality and Social Equity)、莱斯大学妇女、性别研究中心(Rice University Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality)研究成员。曾在Journal of Political Economy、Journal of Human Resources、 Journal of Development Economics等国际权威期刊发表论文。专长领域是发展经济学、家庭经济学和性别经济学。研究重点是与发展中国家的性别不平等、贫困、健康和教育相关的问题。Calvi教授还对经济史感兴趣,并研究历史制度在决定当代成果方面所起的作用.

内容摘要:Dowries are wealth transfers from the bride's family to the groom or his family at the time of marriage. Despite being illegal, dowry payments remain widespread in South Asia and often amount to several times more than a household's annual income. How do these traditional transfers impact women’s well-being after marriage? What are the effects of anti-dowry policies on women’s post-marital outcomes?